After a difficult start in life, Slipper has been progressively rehabilitated using Equido methodology. 

To learn his full story please view the video on the left.

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To see where he is today click this link to watch the video.

Slipper has been continuing to improve, learning to be softer, more elevated in his outline and more consistent with his head carriage.  I have been trying to learn to be more quiet with my hands and legs (the horse learns quicker than I do!!!)

Here is a video of the end of term drill to music by our Level Two students last year.

Poppy and myself continuing our schooling.

Poppy and me.

Poppy working on shoulder in.

Some of our livery clients and myself working on improving our connection with the horses.

Slipper and myself working on improving my position and his elevation.

Beth and her rider Alison working on Canter Transitions

Joanne and her lovely horse Sprite during a schooling session.