Help Our Equido Charity SCIO

This is a chance for you to help our Equido Charity SCIO to reach out and help our own rescue horses continue their work helping humans overcome their difficulties.

Our therapy courses include:-

Positive Empowerment – Aimed at individuals who want to make changes to their personal life.

Positive Leadership for Life – A truly unique personal and team building course for individuals facing challenges in their lives.  Ideal for our military personnel who are suffering from PTSD or physical injuries.

Personal Positive Leadership – Aimed at those who are looking to build on their confidence or need to make a decision on their career path or personal life.

Introduction to Positive Leadership – Aimed at individuals looking for a fresh perspective on what they want from their lives and will prepare them for challenges ahead.

Positive Leadership for Educators – Aimed at teachers, lecturers and trainers who want to receive honest feedback on how they are viewed by their learners.

Positive Leadership for Change – In-depth program for those who are facing major changes in their lives both emotionally and physically.

But we can arrange bespoke courses to suit an individual or charity’s needs.  We are currently looking for funding to run our intensive 5 day courses.